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The chemokine (CC) 24 ligand (CCL24), also known as myeloid progesterone 2 (MPIF-2) or chemotactic protein eosinophil 2 (eotaxin-2), is a protein encoded by the CCL24 gene in humans , This gene is located on human chromosome 7.

CCL24 is a small cytokine belonging to the chemokine CC family. CCL24 interacts with the CCR3 chemokine receptor to induce chemotaxis in eosinophils. This chemokine is also highly chemotactic for resting T lymphocytes and slightly chemotactic for neutrophils.

Increased levels of eotaxin-2 have been reported in patients with acute over-the-airway disease (AERD), such as asthma. People with lower plasma levels of eotaxin-2 showed no tendency to induce aspirin-induced asthma.

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