IMAC Sepharose 6 FF,Fast Flow, 100ml

Catalog number 84-244
Name IMAC Sepharose 6 FF,Fast Flow, 100ml
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Supplier Genesee
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Description Fast Flow, 100ml
Test Flow cytometry  uses monoclonal antibodies of specific affinity clones for cell counting, cell sorting and biomarker detection by suspending cells in a stream of fluid for Forward Scatter, FSC and side scatter, SSC analysis. Human PBMCs can be loaded with CFSE tracking dye after non adherent cell harvesting. Subsequently labeled with anti-CD antibodies, and analyzed by multiparameter flow cytometry. Two-parameter profiles of CD vs. CFSE; and another CD vs. FSC-W. We suggest to use FSC-H vs. FSC-A. FSC-A, FSC-H, FSC-W = area, height, and width of the forward 488 nm light scatter from the flow signal.