Recombinant Myeloid Progenitor Inhibitory Factor 2 (MPIF2)

Catalog number RPU42855
Name Recombinant Myeloid Progenitor Inhibitory Factor 2 (MPIF2)
Size 500 μg
Price 1310.00 EUR
Supplier bioma
Extended details
Verified reactivity Mus musculus (Mouse)
Protein number Q9JKC0
Gene number Please refer to GenBank
Other name CCL24; SCYA24; Ckb-6; Eotaxin-2; Chemokine C-C-Motif Ligand 24; Eosinophil chemotactic protein 2; Small Inducible Cytokine Subfamily A(Cys-Cys)Member 24
Protein origin E.coli
Protein region Please contact us.
Protein sequence Please contact us.
Information about sequence Val27~Val119
Expected molecular weight 11.8kDa
Protein purity ≥ 95%
Verified applications SDS-PAGE; WB; ELISA; IP.
Storage recommendation Aliquot and store at -20°C. Minimize freezing and thawing.
Use before 1 year
Shipping requirements Blue ice
Estimated production time 7-11 business days
Notes For research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures.
Description Aplha, transcription related growth factors and stimulating factors or repressing nuclear factors are complex subunits of proteins involved in cell differentiation. Complex subunit associated factors are involved in hybridoma growth, Eosinohils, eritroid proliferation and derived from promotor binding stimulating subunits on the DNA binding complex. NFKB 105 subunit for example is a polypetide gene enhancer of genes in B cells.
Source Recombinants or rec. proteins
Group recombinants